Regulator bans Npower circular

LONDON - The Advertising Standards Authority has pulled a circular newsletter for a proposed wind farm after a recipient objected that a photograph gave a misleading representation of its size.

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The complainant felt the photo gave a false impression of the size and scale of the proposed development at Nun Wood in Bedfordshire.

RWE Npower Renewables said the small print beneath the picture clearly stated that it showed another wind farm in Wales and indicated that it was meant as a generic photo of a wind farm and not representative of the Nun Wood site.

The ASA noted RWE’s response, however the outcome of a previous ASA investigation had instructed RWE not to use photographs of the Llyn Alaw wind farm in future advertising for the Nun Wood site because there was a significant difference in height between the turbines used in each of the sites.

The watchdog felt the ad did not make clear the height difference between the turbines in the photograph and those intended for the development and as a result the use of the photograph was misleading. On this point, it found the ad to breach the CAP Code.

Additional data in the ad referring to the proposed energy yield for the Nun Wood site over a year was deemed unreliable as it had been calculated based on technology and circumstances specific to 2006.

The ad must not appear again in its current form. Npower was also instructed not to use the photograph of the Llyn Alaw wind farm again in marketing for the Nun Wood site.