Relive the epic ads Mother created for Moneysupermarket

They were so Moneysupermarket ... Campaign looks back at some of the key ads Mother stocked its client's shelves with over a seven-year stretch, from Geoff to He-Man via Dave and Sharon.

"Surf" (2011)

Mother’s first ad for shows a man surfing on an inflatable crocodile after saving money on his car insurance.

"Face off" (2011)

Next the brand headed to the jungle to introduce Dave, a man who feels as though he can take on anyone and confronts a gorilla.

"Astronaut" (2013)

This Top Gun-inspired spot follows the transformation of everyman Alan, who marches with astronauts in the direction of a rocket launch pad after saving £300 on his car insurance.

"How I roll" (2014)

Snoop Dogg guest stars in this ad, in which a skinny Englishman called Phil saves so much money on his car insurance that he cruises around Los Angeles in an invisible low-rider car to the rapper’s track What’s My Name.

"Epic strut" (2015)

Campaign’s Campaign of the Year 2015 debuted with a twerking businessman in hot pants and heels.

"Colin" (2015)

Then viewers met Colin, a pole-dancing builder.

"Epic wolf" (2016)

A presidential bodyguard pops and locks to the track Big Bad Wolf.

"Epic dance-off"(2016)

Things got even more epic when Dave the twerking office worker, Colin the builder and Gary the body-popping bodyguard came together for a dance-off.

"Skeletor" (2017)

Mother transported the brand to the 1980s with an ad starring Masters of the Universe character Skeletor strutting down the high street.

"Epic lift" (2017)

Skeletor and He-Man pay tribute to Dirty Dancing by recreating an iconic dance scene from the film.