Renault launches first European iAd

Renault is launching Europe's first iAd tomorrow on Apple's mobile advertising platform to support the launch of the Twizy electric car.

The iAd allows users to view content rich advertising on the iPhone or iPod without having to exit the app.

Users will be able to engage with the ad – from calculating how much the Twizy electric car is able to charge to checking out various Twizy designs and even pre-reserving a vehicle.

Renault is targeting young "early adopters" in preparation for the car's launch next year.

Renault is one of the first brands to advertise on Apple's iAd mobile platform. Nespresso, Perrier, Citi, Evian, LG Display, AB InBev, Unilever, Turkish Airlines and Absolute Radio will also be serving ads on the European network.

The iAds platform launched in the US on 1 July.