Replay's 'mind-blowing' ad stars supermodel doing yoga in jeans

Replay, the fashion label, has hired the supermodel Irina Shayk to show off a new denim range that literally blows people's minds.

Replay is marketing Hyperskin denim as comfortable enough to wear while exercising. The online film features model Shayk and has been created by 180 Amsterdam. 

Shayk is shot wearing Hyperskin and performing a series of yoga poses ­– each more challenging than the last – much to the shock of other people in the gym whose heads explode in shock.

The spot was created by Martin Beswick and Stephane Lecoq at 180 Amsterdam. It was directed by the ‘Tell No One’ duo out of Good Egg, London.

Matteo Sinigaglia, the chief executive of Replay, said: "We’re hyper proud to be introducing the new Hyperskin.

"Wellness is no longer a trend, it’s the perfect balance between body, soul and the environment. It’s a philosophy and a lifestyle.

"Replay took this as an inspiration to merge it with its denim DNA and created Hyperskin: a revolutionary product able to combine performance, lightweight and 100 per cent natural fibres." 

As well as the online film, the campaign will run in print and in-store.