Revealed: 'diabolic' Flake ad that never was

It's a brand famous for the strapline "tastes like chocolate never tasted before", and now Campaign can reveal an ad like no Flake ad ever before that was dumped before it could be aired.

The spot, created by Saatchis and directed by Jonathan Glazer, features a lascivious devil character throwing Flakes at virginal women who gorge on the chocolate in a sexually suggestive manner.

The bare-chested devil has long, curly black hair in the manner of King Charles II, tight leather trousers and stiletto boots. His performance borders on the risible.

The ad was canned by Flake in March soon after the Kraft takeover, but resurfaced after Glazer submitted it to Academy Films. The ad appeared on the Academy website and, though subsequently deleted, it was appropriated by a visitor to the site and circulated.

The spot, which was filmed in Italy, shows the young women jumping up and down excitedly at the bottom of steps on the grounds of a gothic pile. The endline is: "Succumb to the crumb."

Cadbury spiked the ad after research revealed a polarising reception was in store. It subsequently moved the business to sister shop Fallon.

Update 1.50pm: Having received a letter from Cadbury's legal team informing us that we are in breach of its copyright by displaying the ad on the website, we have complied with the request to remove it.