Richard Branson hails 'world's first dyslexia sperm bank' for charity launch

Sir Richard Branson is fronting the launch of a new charity, Made By Dyslexia, which is promoting the world's first "dyslexic sperm bank".

The charity’s campaign, created by Y&R London, aims to change perceptions about dyslexia from treating it as a disadvantage to accepting it as a different way of thinking.

The "sperm bank", while not accepting actual donors, was chosen as a theme and setting for the launch because some sperm banks have not let dyslexics donate until very recently.

At the launch, Branson, who is dyslexic, will speak to Made by Dyslexia founder Kate Griggs and fellow ambassador Roland Rudd about his experiences with dyslexia, and his advice for young people who have found out that they are dyslexic.

To accompany its launch, Made by Dyslexia has published a new report: Connecting the Dots – Understanding Dyslexia, which explains what it means to be dyslexic, and how dyslexia is currently perceived in the UK.

There is also a launch film created by Y&R which shows the making of the sperm bank being set up in a high street. Members of the public who visit the sperm bank are greeted by a man in a white coat who seeks to dispel their fears about dyslexia.

The campaign was created by Y&R’s George Robb and Slavka Bozhinova. Ben Hanson and Simon Frost directed the film through Praxiima. 

Branson said: "When I was growing up, dyslexia wasn’t really talked about, it was just something you had to deal with.

"I can honestly say that because I have dyslexia, I look at the world in a different way. Dyslexic people can be hugely creative in identifying solutions to problems, and to coming up with new ways to tackle challenges.

"I’m delighted to be supporting Made by Dyslexia. For me, it is really important that we provide young people with the support they need to succeed, and to understand dyslexia."