Rightmove "The renter" by Fold7

Rightmove is launching a campaign promoting the advantages of renting.

The ad follows the life of a woman who enjoys trying out new things – from furniture layouts in her front room to new homes, locations and jobs. The main character in the ad is shown buying pickled gherkins from her various local chippies, staying out late with mates and – finally –getting her own cottage in the countryside with her dream job in a cheese shop.

Jo Taylor and Kiran Strickland created the campaign, which was directed by Owen Trevor through Stink. Media planning and buying was by Electric Glue.

Fold7 won the Rightmove account in 2017. Its ads for the brand often try to tell the emotional story behind moving, such as the young couple with dreams of starting a family and the older man who has started to struggle on his stairs