RKCR/Y&R ad shows glamorous bonus of Virgin Atlantic beds

Virgin Atlantic is unveiling its new business-class bed through a TV campaign by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

The 50-second ad, which breaks this week, is the airline's first activity since 11 September. The campaign also launches Virgin's upper- class suite competing with British Airways for premium travellers.

In "beauty sleep" a group of upper-class passengers are shown enjoying their flight in the new suite. They are all normal-looking people who then settle into their beds for the night.

The ad cuts to the following morning and they have been transformed to visions of beauty and glamour after getting their beauty sleep.

The ad ends in the arrivals hall where a chauffeur is holding up a sign bearing rock star Alice Cooper's name. He too has changed into a younger model. The endline reads: "Get your beauty sleep. Upper-class suite. The biggest flat bed in business class."

The ad was written by Mike Boles with art direction by Jerry Hollens.

It was directed by Daniel Kleinman through Large Corp.