RKCR/Y&R pair win April's Aerial Award

Mike Boles and Jerry Hollens, the Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R creative team, have won the monthly Aerial Award for April.

The pair's "rape" radio commercial for COI/Home Office was judged to be the best ad of the month by Anita Davis, the creative director of JWT London.

The joint runners-up in the awards, held in association with Campaign, were the JWT pair Simon Bullett and Ross Callow, for their "lighter" spot for Autotrader, and Boles and Hollens for another ad called "words" from the same COI/Home Office anti-rape campaign.

The winning ad raised awareness of the law surrounding rape convictions and featured a man telling his friend about a night out that ended in him having sex with a woman who had not consented. It begins with him talking excitedly about the evening out but having to admit that she had not said yes to sex.

It concludes with the line: "If you don't get a yes, don't have sex."

Davis said: "A very difficult brief. I suppose the new legislation is an attempt to put some kind of legal line in the sand in what can be a very difficult and sometimes grey area. For me, this is a good radio ad because it makes full use of the medium and leaves you in no doubt as to what the message is."

The winning ad and the runners-up can be listened to at the Aerials website (www. aerialsfoundation.co.uk).