RNIB turns to Occam for improved data handling

LONDON - The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has engaged Occam to cleanse its marketing database and improve its marketing team's access to the data.

Occam will first improve the way that the RNIB's data is cleansed and duplicates identified.

RNIB's marketing team will then be able to get immediate access to the validated data through Occam's FastStats application, allowing it to handle counts, selections, analysis, campaigns and reporting.

Joe Jenkins, head of fundraising strategy at RNIB, said: "Not only will we now be able to ensure we are cutting back on waste generated through badly addressed mail, but we will also be able to plan and execute our campaigns more scientifically.

"We need to keep talking to our donors more than ever in this economic climate -- and Occam's task is to ensure we can do this with minimum waste and maximum return."

Scott Logie, strategy director at Occam, said: "It was clear to us that the team at RNIB required a more flexible environment for cleaning, managing and then using their data -- one where real-time analysis was possible."