RNID seeks below-the-line agency to boost donations

The Royal National Institute for the Deaf is looking for a below-the-line agency to help boost its donations.

The charity, which has previously relied on in-house creatives to produce its direct marketing work, has narrowed its search down to three agencies.

The move is part of the RNID's attempt to stop its income from declining. The charity had total funds of approximately £17 million in 2002, a figure which was down £3 million on the previous year's funds.

The RNID began addressing this problem in February with the launch of a direct marketing campaign. The initiative appealed to members for extra donations, informing them that without this additional income it would be difficult for the charity to continue to deliver all of its current services.

The pitch signals a new commitment to marketing from a charity that normally relies on PR initiatives. Earlier this month, it targeted NHS workers as part of a campaign designed to raise awareness of the problems deaf people encounter when dealing with the health service.

This activity is to be followed by a consumer drive aimed at 16- to 30-year-olds. The campaign, entitled "don't lose the music", will seek to warn teenagers of the dangers of repeatedly exposing themselves to loud music in clubs and bars.

In 2002, the charity teamed up with Barclays to launch a website designed to help deaf people find work in the IT industry.

The RNID is the largest charity in the UK for the deaf and hard of hearing. In March this year, it announced that the Countess of Wessex is to become a trustee.