Rocket uses photosheet work for Macpherson's Intimates lingerie

The media agency Rocket has devised an innovative use of media for

the £300,000 UK launch of Elle Macpherson's Intimates lingerie


More than 50,000 photographic contact strips featuring the Australian

supermodel wearing her lingerie label will be hung on drying lines like

those found in a photographer's darkroom. They will be placed in the

windows and ceilings of Underground train carriages as part of a

guerrilla marketing push. The strips will carry details of outlets where

the lingerie is sold.

To continue the core creative idea, poster sites will be turned into

photographic lightboxes in a heavyweight six-sheet campaign.

The creative is made up of proofsheets taken by the fashion photographer

Regan Cameron. Rocket devised the communications strategy using creative

by the Australian design company The Names Agency, which handles

creative for the Intimates range in Australia.

Donna Glanville, the media manager at Rocket, said: "We felt we could

put together a proofsheet that emotionally conveyed Elle's personality

but in a way that led consumers to feel that they really were privy to

an uncontrived, unpolished and 'behind-the-scenes' moment."

Strips will also appear as flyers in a range of style magazines to

introduce the range and highlight the opening of Selfridges' new

lingerie department on 3 October 2001.