Rolls-Royce tops poll to pick best of British brands

Rolls-Royce is the greatest British brand ever, according to an exclusive poll undertaken by OMD Snapshots for Marketing.

Thinking about brands or products generally, what do you think is the
greatest British brand ever?

Rolls-Royce                  20%
Cadbury                      13%
Heinz                         7%
Jaguar                        4%
Marks & Spencer               4%
Virgin                        3%
Marmite                       3%
Mini                          3%
BBC                           2%
British Airways               2%
Rover                         2%
HP Sauce                      2%
Mars Bar                      2%
OXO                           2%

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The luxury car marque was named as the icon of all things British by one in five people in an unprompted survey - despite the fact that it is now owned by German firm Volkswagen.

Cadbury came second, named by 13% of people. US-owned Heinz was cited as third, proving once again that many people think of foreign brands as British. Mars Bar, created in the UK, but part of US-owned Mars Incorporated, was named by 2% of people.

Other brands named include Virgin, Jaguar, Marmite, the BBC, British Airways, HP Sauce and Mini. But in spite of Jubilee fever, the Royal Family was named by just 1% of people.

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