Roses Awards 1998: Radio Awards - Best Radio Commercial - Sponsored by Chrysalis Radio



Title: Space cheese

Agency: Pulse Radio

Client: Amerada Gas

Copywriter: Dan Maier

Production Company: Pulse Production

Director: Dan Maier


Title: Tattoo

Agency: The Radio Works

Client: Laserase

Copywriter: Angus Walker

Production Company: The Radio Works


Salesman: Mrs Gooch, you haven’t switched from British Gas to Amerada,

have you?

Mrs Gooch: No, no I haven’t

Salesman: You do know that if you do switch, they don’t have to dig up

your garden or change pipes or anything like that, don’t you?

Mrs Gooch: Yes.

Salesman: In fact all you have to do is just fill in a form

Mrs Gooch: Mmm- yes

Salesman: You’re still not going to switch to Amerada?

Mrs Gooch: No - no I’m not

Salesman: Can I ask you why?

Mrs Gooch: Yes. I believe that the Amerada company is actually a front

for an alien invasion force from the Nexos star system, who are planning

to convert all the Earth’s fresh water into Space Cheese.

Salesman: (Pause) Fair enough.

MVO: If you’ve got one good reason not to buy your gas from Amerada,

we’d love to hear it. Freephone Amerada on 0500 001100.