Royal Mail launches B2B database enhancement tool

LONDON - The Royal Mail has launched Data Sure, a tool giving companies a number of ways to improve the information in their business-to-business marketing databases, such as removing gone-aways and finding prospect matches.

Royal Mail claims Data Sure lets companies upgrade and enhance their B2B customer databases in one go, freeing up resources to help win business and identify new prospects.

The tool utilises several data products including some from within Royal Mail's data portfolio such as the business changes and postal address files as well as information from B2B data firms D&B and Experian.

Royal Mail claims the combination of these three companies improves and enhances a customer database to maximum effect and in a cost-effective way. A spokesperson said: "Customers pay a single fixed fee linked to the size of their database to cover a thorough initial audit."

This would include all processing, data enhancements, market profiles and new 'best fit' records.

Data Sure runs through five stages from an initial audit, data improvement, data enhancement, a profile report and finally extension. Extension uses the Business Universe file to find companies that match the criteria of the existing client database and identifies new prospects.

Tony Lamb, head of data development at Royal Mail, said: "All businesses are under greater pressure than ever to win new business and improve sales, but budgets to achieve this have never been tighter in such difficult economic times."

He added that Data Sure "not only helps businesses win new business, it also helps them save money on marketing campaigns by reducing waste and therefore improving effectiveness".