Royal Opera House launches recruitment drive on YouTube

LONDON - The Royal Opera House is launching an ad campaign, including video clips on YouTube, to recruit backstage and customer service staff.

The campaign, by Aia, includes print, outdoor and viral elements and is designed to appeal to a diverse audience.

The ads, which feature the strapline "find yourself", target potential applicants who feel unfulfilled in their current jobs and could transfer their skills and experience to the Royal Opera House.

The campaign includes six humorous video clips, each with a different Royal Opera House employee in their own "performance", which will be posted on YouTube today.

The poster campaign features four executions, each representing a career path: customer service, backstage, costume production and arts administration. The images reflect the style of the ROH's opera and ballet performance posters.

The "electrician" ad appears in 'Black History Magazine' this month and will be distributed to thousands of Black History events nationwide.

The ads will also appear in 10 outdoor sites in and around Thurrock, home to the Lakeside shopping centre, and across areas of London, over the next 12 months.

Steven Foulston, HR manager at the ROH, said: "We hope that this campaign will appeal to people who might not immediately think of the Royal Opera House as a place for them. We want to challenge assumptions about the Opera House and challenge assumptions about the type of opportunities we have available."