RSA hires Holloway from Stark to boost comedy credentials

RSA Films has signed Stark Films' director Wayne Holloway to its roster in a move to improve its comic credentials.

Kai-Lu Hsiung, RSA's managing director, said she first noticed Holloway two years ago through his "Road to the Olympics" work for Adidas, created by 180 Amsterdam.

Hsiung said: "I wanted to increase the comedic value of RSA. Wayne combines comedy with interest."

The 39-year-old spent five years at Stark Films, where he directed work for EA "Football Fifa 2003", Benecol's "Stefan" spots and the Miller Light ads by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

He has spent the past year working on his reel and profile in the US and Sweden but now feels it is time to break into the UK market. He said: "I wanted to move on and go up a gear in the UK in terms of my profile. I spent last year building a reel and now want to break the top level in the UK and think that RSA is the best place to do it."