RSA signs up C4's Brett Foraker

Brett Foraker, the creator of the D&AD black Pencil-winning "identity" campaign for Channel 4, has signed for RSA for commercials representation.

However, he remains the creative director at Channel 4, in which role he oversees the network's creative services departments and 4Creative, the in-house creative agency behind the channel's on-air brand.

Commenting on the signing, Polly Cochcrane, the channel 4 director of marketing, said: "We're delighted Brett has been given this opportunity. It's great for him and also great for 4Creative.

Channel 4 has a policy that allows staff to take unpaid leave to pursue personal interests."

Foraker, 37, joined Channel 4 from Turner Broadcasting. He was responsible for the recent Jamie's School Dinners campaign and the "faces of four" campaign in which stars of Channel 4 programmes, such as Teri Hatcher and the Osbournes, answer questions including "what was your first car?" and "what's your favourite swear word?"