Rum brand The Kraken offers sleepless nights at Halloween hotel

Guests will be kept awake by prank phone calls, suspicious banging and screams.

Kraken: the bravest visitors will be selected to stay
Kraken: the bravest visitors will be selected to stay

Rum brand The Kraken is taking over an abandoned London hotel where it will be hosting an immersive horror experience that guarantees a terrible night's sleep for every guest.

At the "Kraken dread & breakfast", guests will be kept awake by the antics of a team of actors, light and sound technicians, special effects artists and theatre professionals. The night will be filled with prank phone calls, suspicious banging, screams in the hallways and figures from beyond the grave entering rooms unannounced just as guests are falling asleep.

Visitors will learn that the the Averard Hotel in London is infested with the restless souls of mariners who survived an ocean encounter with the "Kraken". Having lived through a meeting with the beast was a curse for these sailors, turning them into evil incarnate once they reached dry land. One by one the sailors were captured and sent to the building to be locked up forever. Today the fearless Kraken hunter, whose mission is to track down the beast, has heard the tale of this location and its damned residents. The hunter believes these spectres can help track down the beast on the high seas.

Hotel guests will take on the role of the Kraken hunter's assistant and make it their aim to discover the beast's last known whereabouts.

The "dread & breakfast" will be open for three sleepless nights from 28 October. Each evening, 140 people who have expressed interest in a room will be invited to visit the hotel, where they can expect Kraken cocktails and live music from the house band Thankful We Are Dead at the hotel bar. From 7pm until 11pm visitors will get to explore the hotel under the guidance of the Kraken hunter's crew, navigating accursed corridors and revenant-filled rooms.

Rooms will be allocated to those visitors deemed to have what it takes to brave prolonged encounters with poltergeists – so all are advised to bring along an overnight bag as preparation for being selected.

Each ticket to visit the hotel includes one free Kraken cocktail. Chosen residents will go to their rooms at 11pm and will check out at 9am the following morning.

Cow PR is delivering the project.

The rum brand's annual "Screamfest" extravaganza is now in its fifth year. In 2019, The Kraken worked with horror film director Neil Marshall to create a cinematic Halloween experience that saw guests live through the death and destruction caused by the sea monster.

In 2020 it hosted an online gaming experience "Screamfest 4: The Kraken's Revenge", where consumers took control of a live actor as they tried to uncover the secrets of the beast.