Russian social network Odnoklassniki uses 404 error message for WWF push

Users who accidentally reach a "404 not found" webpage on Russian social media site Odnoklassniki will be presented with an image of an endangered species and text telling them that the animal is in danger of "not existing".

The "Rare Page" campaign for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of endangered species in Russia, including the snow leopard, tiger, bison and polar bear.

404 pages are generated when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link and one of the most common error messages on the web. This campaign replaces the standard page with an image of an animal and an invitation to donate money to the WWF.

Client: Olga Bandalova, head of membership programme, WWF Russia

Agency: Hungry Boys

Creative director: Vlad Sitnikov