Russian Standard focuses on authenticity for UK push

LONDON - Russian Standard, the vodka brand distributed by First Drinks Brands, is launching a £2.6m national TV ad campaign to cement its position in the UK.

The TV campaign forms part of an £8m investment in the brand to drive sales and awareness of Russian Standard in the UK premium vodka market.

Russian Standard aims to achieve 80% coverage among the brand's target audience of 18- to 34-year-olds through the TV campaign, which launches on March 17 and runs for six weeks.

The 20-second ads have been styled to reflect Russian Standard's authentically Russian credentials and to communicate the brand's premium values and heritage to its consumers.

Russian Standard launched in the UK in June last year with a heavyweight TV campaign.

Andy Corris, senior brand manager for Russian Standard at First Drinks Brands, said: "The recent Russian Standard launch has proved to be the most successful vodka launch for the past three years. Russian Standard has added a massive £2.4m worth of value to the category and we are now looking to build on this outstanding success throughout 2008.

"Russian Standard will be looking to differentiate itself from its close competitors in terms of taste and brand experience by focusing on its unique attributes -- authentic Russian heritage, flavour and unparalleled smoothness."