Rustlers promises to be ‘better than you think’ in comic campaign

Burger brand tells two stories that defy expectations.

Rustlers displays a wry sense of self-awareness with a new campaign claiming to be “better than you think”. 

Two ads, by Droga5 London, depict humorous scenarios that subvert people’s expectations. 

In the first film, a retelling of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, Red arrives home to find her grandmother gone and in her place, a wolf in women’s clothing.

While viewers might assume this situation will end badly, Red and the wolf end up forming a close bond through fun activities such as dancing at home, flying high on a swing and decorating cupcakes. 

The second spot, “Fight”, sets up what appears to be a violent high-school brawl. Instead, the two duellers end up fighting it out in a much more favourable manner, through dance, while their classmates chant: “Dance, fight, dance, fight.”  

“Isn’t it great when things turn out better than expected,” the voiceover concludes. Like both situations, Rustlers also claims to defy assumptions with its microwaveable burgers made of 100% British and Irish beef.

Launching today (5 October), this is Rustlers’ first campaign since rebranding in March and it will run across social media, digital, radio and out of home. 

The work was created by Ed Redgrave, Dave Wigglesworth, Philippa Baines, Melina Filippidou, Ash Hamilton and Sara Sutherland, and directed by Jeff Low through Biscuit Filmworks. Total Media is the media agency.

Ed Redgrave, Droga5 creative director, said: “In a year where pretty much everything has gone worse than expected, it’s important we celebrate that which is actually better. Like discovering Rustlers burgers are made with 100% British & Irish beef. That, really, is the best-case scenario for a microwave burger. And the year 2020.”