Rustlers "The Seas Between Us" by Droga5 London

Rustlers and Droga5 London made a feature-length German arthouse film about a man called The Hamburger and his estranged son.

The Hamburger is a German immigrant on his deathbed who recounts to a documentary filmmaker how he set sail to America to make his fortune. As he reflects upon his life, The Hamburger muses on fatherhood, identity, hubris and the dark side of fame. Meanwhile, his adult son – the next generation of burger, microwaveable and ready in just 90 seconds – reflects on his childhood with an absent father. Renowned character actor Paul Faßnacht, who starred in The Lives of Others, plays The Hamburger character. The film premiered at famed Berlin arthouse cinema Babylon and is now available on Amazon Prime Video, while the original jazz score can be found on Spotify. 


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