Ryan Davies' secret work weapon? A page-a-day diary

An A4, page-a-day diary helps keep me on track, says Ryan Davies, head of CRM and loyalty, Mothercare and Early Learning Centre

Ryan Davies' secret work weapon? A page-a-day diary

I am a digital guy.

Before this, I was (in reverse order) a digital consultant, a database account manager and studying for a BSc in Information Systems. I've spent 15 years working with data: gathering it, connecting it up, using it to understand customers better, then turning it into more-engaging, easier-to-use customer experiences that reach more people.

After reading this, you probably think: 1) This chap is super-boring, I don't want to get trapped in a lift with him, and 2) I bet he spends every meeting tapping notes into a laptop.

You're only 50% right. My secret weapon is a big, fat, analogue, A4, page-a-day paper diary. You may think it's not that different from a notepad, but you're only 50%* right again. I used to hoard notepads from conferences, the stationery cupboard and those meetings where they print mini books with the faces of people in the room, so ended up with notes as disparate as the data I was trying to fix. I got annoyed not being able to find anything that happened longer than two meetings ago. This is the answer. I make notes, doodle diagrams (or seating plans so I don't get people's names wrong) and staple business cards to the page. It becomes a scrapbook for the day.

*I never claimed my strength was stats.