Saatchis ad recreates 'key party' for Corolla

Saatchi & Saatchi has recreated a 70s-style "key party" - where swinging couples hook up with other party goers by choosing car keys from a lucky dip - in its new advertising campaign for Toyota Corolla.

"Key party" and a second 40-second execution, called "party dress", form the latest stage in Saatchis' "a car to be proud of" campaign, which aims to revitalise Toyota's brand image in the market.

The new ads show the lengths people will go to to associate themselves with the quality of a Corolla. It targets a market of educated and confident consumers who have an emotional connection with their cars. The spots therefore aim to depict scenarios that they will relate to and will make them laugh.

In "key party", a group of thirtysomething couples are seen sitting on opposite sides of a coffee table. A woman stands and searches through a fruit bowl of car keys as the men look expectantly on. She makes her selection and heads upstairs with the male who owns the set of keys. When an overweight woman stands up to choose a key the men look nervous until she picks a Corolla key, at which point they all stand up laying claim to owning the Corolla.

In "party dress", a man is so proud of the car he can't help but admit to a very angry and mud-drenched father and daughter that it was his Corolla that accidentally splashed them - even though he knows the father will react furiously.

Matt Harrison, the marketing director at Toyota GB, said: "Last year we increased Corolla retail sales by 40 per cent. I believe these commercials will provide a fresh impetus to the campaign and build on the success of last year."

The spots were written by Hugh Todd and art directed by Adam Scholes.

Direction was by Matthias Van Heinegen through Outsider. Media planning and buying is by ZenithOptimedia.