Saatchis launches ’go create’ work for Sony

’Go create’ is the central theme to the first work for Sony created by Saatchi & Saatchi.

’Go create’ is the central theme to the first work for Sony created

by Saatchi & Saatchi.

The London agency, which won the account last autumn, has produced two

commercials that will break in the UK next week and run in 25 countries

across Europe.

The overall strategy for the Sony brand is to sell ’connectivity’ - that

is, pushing the idea that the Sony products talk to each other.

The ’go create’ theme aims to allow people to tap into their

imaginations by tailoring Sony products to their individual needs.

According to the ads, this can be done by downloading products from the

internet or editing film from a camera.

The first of the two ads, called ’ER’, takes place in a hospital


A young man appears to be dead as staff attempt to resuscitate him.

Instead of using electric paddles, however, earphones connected to

Sony’s Memory Stick walkman are put in his ears.

The second commercial, called ’New York’, supports the Wega DRC TV.

Filmed in New York, the camera pans around the city showing chunks of

various objects to be missing. A car drives around with no wheels, a

skateboarder skates without a skateboard and a bike is ridden without

its front wheel.

The endline, ’never miss a detail again’, explains the idea behind the

commercial. The TV work will be supported by press and poster ads.

Further TV executions will support other Sony brands, including the Vaio

and Minidisc, using ’go create’ as an umbrella theme.

’ER’ was written by Ed Robinson and art directed by David Hillyard. It

was directed by Dominic Murphy through Blink.

The Wega ad was art directed by Ian Gabaldoni and written by Richard

Baynham. It was directed by Philip Stolzl through BFCS. Media buying is

through OMD UK.