Saatchis' Maryland Cookies viral shows 'imperfect' strategy

Saatchi & Saatchi has developed a brand strategy based on "loveable imperfections" for Maryland Cookies, which is used in a new viral campaign for the Burton's Foods brand.

The 30-second spot shows an attractive girl walking around town, side-by-side with her boyfriend.

The girl has a comedy walk that means that every few steps her leg flies up and kicks her boyfriend in the face.

Despite this obvious imperfection, the boyfriend is unconcerned and continues to walk at her side.

He finally gets a kick in the face that sends him sprawling to the ground, but he regains his feet and carries on doe-eyed at her side. A Maryland cookie appears on screen and then comes the strapline: "Imperfect, but you love them."

Tony Granger, the executive creative director at Saatchis, said: "The irregular chips of chocolate in a Maryland Cookie are the 'loveable imperfections' that people adore most about the biscuit. This idea is a great way of bringing this product truth to life in an engaging and compelling way."

The spot was written by Anna Toosey and art directed by Mike Long. The pair directed the film, to be released in December, through Hungry Man London.