Saatchis uses 'thumb' for Fingers' £5m push

Cadbury Fingers is launching a national TV campaign, which will be

backed by a £5 million spend.

Saatchi & Saatchi has developed the campaign for the chocolate brand,

owned by Burton's Foods. The ad is directed by the Budweiser "frogs"

director Tom Routson, and is his first UK work.

The campaign will support the new-look packaging for the Cadbury Fingers

range, plus the new product launches of Mini Tubs and a caramel version

of Fingers. Burton's hopes the ads, which break on 7 October, will

provide further growth for the brand.

The creative sees a thumb character embarking on a quest to be more

"finger-like". The thumb travels to Spain to get a tan and launches into

a vigorous workout routine to get thin.

A final creative treatment shows the thumb realising that he is never

going to be a Cadbury Finger and taking drastic action to prevent the

arrival of the new Caramel Fingers product.

The Fingers brand is more than 100 years old but is still growing.

Recent figures from Information Resources show that it is the number-ten

biscuit product in the UK with sales to October 2000 of £21.9


Sales were up 4.5 per cent in the year to October 2000 and the brand

leads the "special treat" biscuit category.

Dave Droga, the creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi, said: "The thumb

campaign was a fantastic challenge. It was a great opportunity to work

with Tom Routson for his first UK job. The auditions to find the UK's

most expressive thumb was certainly a surreal experience."

Cathy McGinnis, the group brand manager at Burton's Foods, said:

"Burton's Foods is really getting behind the re-energising of Cadbury

Fingers. The brand has excellent awareness and clearly leads the special

treat biscuit category."

The copywriter was Paul Domenet and the art director Brian Connolly.

Media buying is through BBJ.