Saeed Jaffrey adds voice to spot targeting Asian teacher recruits

The Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey, best known for his role in My Beautiful Launderette, has been drafted in to lead a campaign to recruit more teachers from the Asian community.

Jaffrey has recorded a voiceover in Hindi for the spot to target Bollywood audiences, which will play in specialist Asian cinemas in England and Wales.

McCann-Erickson Manchester devised the initiative on behalf of the Teacher Training Agency, as part of a drive to recruit 35,000 trainee teachers this year.

The campaign is an attempt to tap into the talents and skills of graduates from ethnic minorities, and encourage them to apply for teacher training.

The black-and-white ad features the TTA's message in English, together with Jaffrey's voiceover in Hindi.

The cinema drive is supplemented by press and radio ads targeted at Asian and Afro-Caribbean audiences.

Alf Brown, the TTA executive heading its recruitment drive among ethnic minorities, said: "It's important we speak directly to minority ethnic graduates about teaching as a career. We still need to recruit more people and I'm confident this campaign will help."

Jaffrey added: "I hope this campaign can help reach untapped pools of talent in the Asian community."