Sainsbury's shoots ad entirely with Snapchat Spectacles

Sainsbury's and creative agency Gravity Road have worked with Snapchat to create the first UK ad shot on Spectacles.

Sainsbury's shoots ad entirely with Snapchat Spectacles

The ten-second video, pushed out to 10m UK Snapchatters yesterday, is meant to capture the feeling of huddling around a hot pot of food. 

The video was shot in a 115-degree circular format from a first-person point of view. Snapchatters can rotate the phone to look around. 

The video is paired with recipes for autumn from Sainsbury's. 

"There’s something visceral about Spectacles video, which works perfectly with the experience of food – a first person experience of 'Living Well'," said Mark Eaves, Gravity Road founding partner and executive creative director for the campaign. 

Sainsbury's isn't the only brand worldwide to attempt this. A similar campaign shot with Spectacles with Burger King launched in the US at the same time.