Sainsbury's v John Lewis: Christmas ads' first 24 hours on social media

Sainsbury's Christmas ad featuring Mog the cat failed to generate as much social media attention as John Lewis' Man on the Moon in this year's battle for most popular festive campaign.

The supermarket’s three-and-a-half minute film, which launched on TV and online at 7.15am 15 November, was tweeted about 21,583 within the first 24 hours, according to Blurrt.

This was less than a quarter of the John Lewis ad, which was mentioned on Twitter 116,000 times, according to figures compiled by Sysomos, the social listening tool.

The biggest volume spike for Sainsbury’s ad "Christmas is for sharing" came at 7pm when the ad launched on TV. The most retweeted ad was Sainsbury’s own tweet about the ad, which was shared by Twitter users 4,446 times.

Women made up the majority of Twitter mentions about the Sainsbury’s ad, with 42 per cent, compared to 24 per cent for males (34 per cent gender neutral, such as organizations).

The phrases ‘holiday spirit’, ‘well done’ and ‘charming’ were the most mentioned words or phrases about "Christmas is for sharing", along with the hashtag #ChristmasIsForSharing.

Sentiment for the ad was mostly positive (58 per cent) or neutral (35 per cent), with only 7 per cent saying something negative about the Sainsbury’s ad.