Salary snapshot - brand managers

LONDON - Reporting to the marketing director, a brand manager at this senior level is responsible for developing, communicating and implementing a brand plan.

Salary snapshot
Salary snapshot

This usually involves recommending market research and media plans as well as overseeing advertising planning and packaging design for new products. A brand manager would also manage the brand's budget, making sure any activity is cost effective and adding value to the brand.

A brand manager at this level can typically expect to earn £57,500 a year, with maximum potential bonus of £9750, according to data collected by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Croner Reward, which supplies remuneration statistics to the industry.

With an average age of 48, more than three-quarters of brand managers at this level are male. The role also commands long hours; 10% work between 61 and 70 hours a week; 60% work more than 46 hours per week and 100% of brand managers at this level work longer than the standard 39 hours working week.

Brand managers

Basic salary £57,500
Maximum potential bonus
Average age 48
Typical company car VW Pasat
% with company car 30
Maximum list price allowed £20,000
Employee pension rate 17%
Source: CIM and Croner Reward, a Wolters Kluwer business