Samsung ads poke fun at Apple's iPhone 6

Samsung is going for Apple's jugular with a set of ads poking fun at its rival, mocking the new iPhone 6 models and the company's livestream woes.

Samsung: latest ads mock the iPhone 6
Samsung: latest ads mock the iPhone 6

The five ads are titled "It doesn't take a genius", in reference to the Genius Bar helpdesks at Apple's retail store.

It's fast work from Samsung, which, like other smartphone brands, is trading on the fact that Apple was late to bring out both bigger-screened smartphones and smartwatches.

Fast does not necessarily equal funny, unfortunately, and there's some painful "banter" between Samsung's two Genius Bar geeks.

"Still no multi-tasking windows, huh?" says one Genius Bar worker, as his colleague tinkers with an Apple device.

"At least it has one window, which is more than we have in here," his colleague replies.

Samsung has a history of producing anti-Apple ads. Its "next big thing" TV spot mocked fanboys queuing for the latest iPhone. It also released the intensely cringe worthy "are you geared up?" ad for its Galaxy Gear S smartwatch.