Samsung celebrates Prince George's birthday

Samsung has created an outdoor campaign to coincide with the first birthday of the future monarch, Prince George, featuring pictures of another baby George.


The tongue-in-cheek activity, created by Cheil UK, will appear on the tech company’s permanent large screen in Piccadilly Circus today (Tuesday).

The ad features images of baby George’s birthday party, but with a twist, as this is not Prince George’s birthday party, it is actually that of George Jagger – the son of a family from Matlock in Derbyshire.

The Jagger family are taking part in a new digital campaign from Samsung called '100 Days of Family' and celebrating the diversity of modern British family life.

As part of the campaign, George’s mother Rachel Jagger has captured her son George’s first birthday, which falls on the same day as the future king.

These images will be used and displayed on the big screen in Piccadilly alongside text that encourages passersby to visit Cheil UK’s 100 Days of Family website to view the pictures of baby George’s birthday party.

Ines van Gennip, the marketing director for the IT and Mobile Division of Samsung UK and Ireland, said: "We know from our research that especially families are looking to combine the practicalities of a smartphone with the benefits of a very advanced camera that capture those special moments of their lives that they can share together."

The Jaggers, who were born and bred in Matlock, Derbyshire are one of 50 families from across the country that will document their stories throughout the summer using pictures shot with Samsung’s Galaxy K zoom phone.

Matt Pye, the chief operating officer at Cheil UK, said: "100 Days is all about celebrating families of any size and any make-up, and the memorable moments they have together.

"Prince George’s birthday presented us with the perfect opportunity to seize the moment, and have a bit of fun with the public."