Samsung Christmas ad features people 'accidentally' damaging their old TVs

Samsung is promoting the SUHD TV in its Christmas ad, which features people allowing their old TVs to be damaged so they have an excuse to buy a new one.

The film "accidents" was created by Fold7 and plays on the fact that people want an excuse to get rid of a current product when they see a new launch.

The spot shows a woman who notices water dripping down from the ceiling onto her TV and, when she sees that the bath is overflowing, she reaches over to pick up a nail file and sits back down as the TV sparks.

Another situation features a man swapping his child’s toy hammer for a real one as she plays around the TV.

The ad has been created by Dom Martin, David O’Brien and Chris Bennett. It was directed by Oskar Bård through Hobby Films.

The spot is being released in the run up to Black Friday this week and will run across Samsung TV’s social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube.

Marc Nohr, the chief executive at Fold7, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to create such a simple and powerful story that dramatises a basic human truth that people are prepared to go to great lengths to justify upgrading to the latest technology.

"The spot makes a hero of the Samsung SUHD TV and in doing so puts the brand at the heart of the story."