Samsung launches 24-hour live ad for BEAT DJ phone

LONDON - 100 people from across Europe will compete in a 24-hour silent disco tonight, as part of a campaign to promote the new Samsung BEAT DJ mobile phone.

Samsung... dancing campaign
Samsung... dancing campaign

From 6pm, contestants will begin listening to music on their BEAT DJ phones, and will aim to continue dancing to it until 6pm tomorrow evening.

However, if the person receives a call or text during that time, they will be eliminated from the competition. Contestants have, therefore, spent the past few weeks informing family and friends to not contact them over the period.

The last contestant standing will receive €10,000 to take the Swedish singer September out to dinner, and keep whatever cash is left over.

The event, created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine, will be broadcast live in its entirety online at  The site will give viewers the chance to Tweet messages and upload images to a projection in the club.

At various times over the course of the 24 hours, people will also be given the opportunity to call specific participants to get them eliminated.

Clips of some of the contestants due to take part have already been uploaded on to YouTube.