Samsung was TV's most advertised brand by airtime last month

Samsung was the most advertised brand on British TV in terms of airtime last month.

The Korean electronics giant racked up 2,486 minutes of advertising – over 41 hours – across terrestrial and pay TV in March, a 238 per cent increase compared to February. 

There were 3,525 spots for Samsung last month on British television. Last month, BT was the most advertised brand by airtime.

The next most aired brand ads were for Nationwide (2,357 minutes; 4,150 spots) and BT (2295 minutes; 3,637 spots).

Samsung was the most aired ad on free-to-air TV, with 653 minutes of advertising, while Nationwide was the most aired on pay TV, with 372 minutes.

The data, compiled by data science company 4C, does not include ads by Sky and other TV media owners, such as ITV and Channel 4. Ads for Sky products racked more than 3,000 minutes of airtime across pay TV and terrestrial TV last month.