Satan fronts church campaign

DETROIT - A church in Michigan has employed the services of Satan to front an ad campaign aimed at attracting more followers to its congregation.

The campaign -- which inverts the technique typically used in religious ads of quoting Jesus -- uses slogans purportedly coined by the Devil that condemn the Metro South Church in Detroit.

One execution posted on a board outside the non-denominational church says "This church sucks" and is signed "Satan".

Others proclaim: "This church makes me sick" and "Metro South is killing me".

Copy at the bottom of the ads direct passersby to a standalone website called MetroHatesSatan, where potential followers can find out why Metro South Church poses such a threat to the Anti-Christ.

The site, which received 7,000 hits in the first two days, explains that the campaign, although clearly "tongue-and-cheek" [sic], provides a serious message: "There is a God who loves you and has great plans for your life.

"Don't settle for what the enemy of God has to offer you."

The site even features a video dubbed "The Devil Sucks". It stars a bearded man dressed in a Satan-suit, running around the streets of Metro South.

"Here's the guy that started this whole campaign," the site explains. "Check out what he has to say. He's the REAL problem."

Adam Dorbland, the church's youth pastor, that "Jesus wants us to be creative" and "use whatever it takes to reach people".