Satirical Peta TV ad rejected by Clearcast

LONDON - A TV ad called 'Sex Talk' that animal rights advocates Peta planned to air across Britain has been rejected by advertising authority Clearcast as being "unacceptable on the grounds of offence".

Peta's ad makes a satirical comparison to teen sex in order to promote the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, who face an uncertain future in severely crowded animal shelters.

The 30-second spot, which has already aired in several markets across the US, features two parents encouraging their teenage daughter to become sexually active.

The father says "Get out there and nail everything you can" and the mother follows by saying "If it's got a pulse you should be wrapped around it".

When the horrified girl asks "But what if I get pregnant?", her parents tell her to "pop out all the kids she wants", saying "We can leave them in the shelter, dump them in the streets ... whatever".

The ad ends with the strapline: "Parents shouldn't act this way. Neither should people with dogs and cats. Always spay or neuter."

Poorva Joshipura, European director of Peta, said: "Just as responsible parents would never encourage their children to go out and have unprotected promiscuous sex, responsible guardians must do the right thing for their animal companions and have them spayed and neutered.

"No one should be bringing more animals into the world when so many are already dying for lack of a good home."

The ad can still be viewed online at and on YouTube.