Save the Children hunts agency for DRTV brief

Save the Children, which has just launched a global campaign to help children that are discriminated against, is looking for an agency to create direct-response TV ads.

Save the Children hunts agency for DRTV brief

The charity has started contacting agencies directly with an invitation to attend chemistry meetings. A Save the Children spokeswoman said that invitations had been issued but with no particular campaign in mind.

The process does not affect Adam & Eve/DDB, Save the Children’s main creative agency, or the7stars, which handles the charity’s media business. 

Earlier this week, Save the Children released a report called Every Last Child and kicked off a three-year global marketing campaign, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, with the same name.

The report stresses how groups of children around the world are still not getting the help they need because they are discriminated against on the grounds of gender, ethnicity or disability.