SCG London creates brand identity for Russian city

LONDON - Brand consultancy SCG London has developed the brand identity for a large development project in Russia called Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye.

The project is designed to home 40,000 people 20 minutes away from the centre of Moscow. Construction of the first residential buildings starts on site this summer.

SCG London has developed the city's brand identity and marketing concept and strategy.

Working with a number of international and Russian architects, SCG London is also providing key themes and directions to ensure a cohesive approach to overall city design, including marketing communications, infrastructure and landscape.

Clive Woodger, managing director of SCG London, said: "This is a fascinating strategic, creative and implementation exercise, which involves redefining, redesigning and relaunching a concept that has been talked about for several years but now, with new stakeholders and direction, is moving towards reality.

"It is great to be involved in project of this scale that demands a synergy of diverse parties working together based on a powerful branding concept."

Brand identity for Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye by SCG London