School Reports 2018: AnalogFolk

Type of agency & ownership:  Independent digital agency
Nielsen billings 2017: n/s
Declared income: n/s
Total accounts at year end: 38
Accounts won: 9 (biggest: Nando’s)
Accounts lost: 2 (biggest: Lucozade)
Number of staff: 195 (+26%)
Key personnel: Bill Brock, founder and chief executive; Matt Dyke, founder and chief strategy officer; Ete Davies, managing director; Simon Richings, executive creative director; Reeha Alder-Shah, managing partner
Star player: Miguel Alvarez, director of technology services

After the turbulence of 2016, there was only one departure among AnalogFolk’s senior management in 2017, that of chief operating officer Matt Law to blockchain-focused VC company Outlier Ventures. In fact, the agency has been building up its senior talent, hiring Reeha Alder-Share from Dare London as managing partner and Matt Fenn as head of design.

It’s also good to note the agency’s commitment to diversity. By 2019 it aims for half of all senior leadership roles to be performed by women, with at least 10% the result of internal promotion. It has also committed to increasing its BAME employee headcount.

In terms of clients, the year started with a bang when AnalogFolk landed BT’s content agency work. BT is now its second-largest client. It ended the year by being named the digital agency of record for Unilever Foods. Nando’s represented another significant win for the agency.

AnalogFolk claims to have lost no clients, other than Lucozade (through resignation), which was its biggest loss, and a Malibu project for Pernod Ricard.

Work-wise the agency continues to combine technology with creativity in entertaining ways. It used face-recognition AI to separate Marmite haters from lovers, created an app that would turn two phones into a 360-degree camera for and built a hub for Nike trainers. Overall the agency seems to have overcome the high rate of churn at senior-management level and started to win major clients.




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Agency's year in a tweet

We continued our path as the Grown-up Start-up. Hiring top talent, staying nimble, always innovating, with big responsibility on big brands

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*indicates where agencies claim the corporate governance constraints of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation