School Reports 2018
[Extended edition]
BETC London

BETC London

Type of agency & ownership:  Creative agency, owned by Havas
Nielsen billings 2017: £26m (+19%)
Declared income: n/s
Total accounts at year end: 10
Accounts won: 1 (Swatch)
Accounts lost: 0
Number of staff: 33 (no change)
Key personnel: Andrew Kay, managing director; Rosie Bardales, chief creative officer; Russell Davies, chief strategy officer
Star player: Nat Potter, creative director

Year in review

By its own admission, 2017 wasn’t a year for BETC London to start shouting the odds. It was a year for doing the things that were, for the most part, unexciting, and certainly not creative, but essential for an agency yet to regain its equilibrium after the trauma of three years ago.

Regaining stability for staff and clients while getting in shape for a better future seems to be taking a worryingly long time since the stuffing was knocked out of the agency when Bacardi, then its biggest client, consolidated its business into Omnicom and Diet Coke switched to Dawson Pickering, a shop founded by former BETC executives.

As a result, the agency has opted to keep its head down, get the right set-up in place and hope it works. Tasked by its Paris-based parent to find and hire the best possible talent, the management team – including Rosie Bardales, promoted in March from executive creative director to chief creative officer – has signalled its ambition by negotiating a move from Clerkenwell to bigger premises in Shoreditch.

This has been backed up with senior hirings across all departments. Nat Potter became the agency’s first creative director in three years, while Genevieve Sheppard and Alexandra Kelly arrived as head of film and creative services director respectively. For the moment, though, the agency has had to make the most of what it has – with much of its focus on Rimmel, including a campaign fronted by singer Rita Ora.

Now, having laid the foundations, BETC London must show it can build on them – and soon.

Agency's Year In A Tweet

"Kept all the good stuff and got rid of the rest. New people. New home. New work. New business. New year ahead."


Score this year: 3
Score last year: 3
How the agency scores itself: 5
Management strength: 5
Creativity: 4
Innovation: 4
New business: 4
Diversity: 5

Business performance and accounts

Gross income

Latest: n/s
Previous: n/s
Change: n/s

Operating profit

Latest: n/s
Previous: n/s
Change: n/s

List of total accounts Retained:


Air France


Cote d’Or

Cow & Gate

Disneyland Paris




The Walt Disney Company


Top three spending accounts: n/s
Number of retained accounts: 6
Number of accounts that are projects: 4
Biggest win: Swatch (n/s)
Biggest lost: 0



Haymarket award wins