School Reports 2018
[Extended edition]


Type of agency & ownership:  Creative agency, owned by Cheil
Nielsen billings 2017: £15m (-55%)
Declared income: £9.5m
Total accounts at year end: 35
Accounts won: 8 (biggest: Yo! Sushi)
Accounts lost: 5 (biggest: Microsoft)
Number of staff: 88 (+5%)
Key personnel: Trevor Beattie, founder and chairman; Matt Hyde, chief operating officer; Jamie Inman, head of planning; Jules Chalkley, executive creative director; Ben Lunt, executive digital director
Star player: Jake Goodman, business director

Year in review

2017 ended on an unfortunate note as BMB said goodbye to its enthusiastic chief executive Juliet Haygarth, who left due to health issues. Haygarth described her exit as "frustrating" as the agency was "building up a head of steam", and one is left to wonder who is capable and willing to bring BMB back to the boil. Worse still, the agency is also on the lookout for a new creative chief; Jules Chalkley announced his departure early this year, after less than two years, to join Ogilvy & Mather.

It feels like any creative momentum in 2017 has now disappeared after noteworthy campaigns for Rowse ("The three bears"), the "Campaign to end loneliness" ("The loneliness project") and Topman’s "CALM" ("#Don’tBottleItUp").

Nor does the new-business pipeline suggest we’re in store for a bumper 2018. While a decent number of clients came on board, the biggest spender is Yo! Sushi with billings of £340,000. BMB declared it had no account losses last year, but Campaign has subtracted five for brands it claimed to work with last year, but which are no longer on its books (most notably BiC and Microsoft).

Step forward the little-known Aaron Lau, president of international and chief executive, North America, at Cheil Worldwide, who is to support the management team as it plots a new future within the Cheil family. Rebooting BMB’s creative prowess is surely the most important task facing Lau if Cheil hopes to upgrade the agency to more than a conflict shop or boutique sweetener.

Agency's Year In A Tweet

"We bottled Chris Hughes’ tears for CALM – it’s better to open up than bottle it up. And romped in the woods with 3 hairy Rowse bears. Grr. "


Score this year: 3
Score last year: 4
How the agency scores itself: 7
Management strength: 3
Creativity: 5
Innovation: 4
New business: 6
Diversity: 5

Business performance and accounts

Gross income

Latest: £6.6m
Previous: £6.3m
Change: 2.90%

Operating profit

Latest: -£2.1m
Previous: -£81,000
Change: -2430.90%

List of total accounts Legoland


KP Snacks – Pom Bears

KP Snacks – Hula Hoops

KP Snacks – KP Nuts

Church & Dwight – Batiste


Valeo Foods - Rowse Honey

Valeo Foods – Buckwud

Hilton Hotels EMEA

AG Barr – Rubicon

AG Barr – Rubicon Spring

AG Barr – KA Drinks

AG Barr – Snapple

Topman x CALM

Client Earth

New Balance



Ella’s Kitchen

House of Fraser

Big Bus Tours





Tapi Carpets



Campaign to End Loneliness

Yo! Sushi

Mondelez – Dairylea

Valeo Foods - The Natural Snacking Company

Valeo Foods – Kelkin

Highland Park

Space Raiders

Phileas Fogg

Batiste US

Top three spending accounts:

Samsung (£2.7m)

LinkedIn (£1m)

Hilton Hotels EMEA (£600,000)

Number of retained accounts: 15
Number of accounts that are projects: 23
Biggest win: Yo! Sushi (£340,00)
Biggest lost: Microsoft (£350,000)



Haymarket award wins