School Reports 2018: Krow Communications

Type of agency & ownership:  Independent integrated agency
Nielsen billings 2017: £107m (-13%)
Declared income: £8m
Total accounts at year end: 12
Accounts won: 6 (biggest: Sky Vegas)
Accounts lost: 0
Number of staff: 65 (no change)
Key personnel: John Quarrey, founder (business director); Malcolm White, founder (planning); Nick Hastings, founder (creative); Barry Cook, founder (business director)
Star player: Lauren McCullum, head receptionist

General elections don’t build agency reputations as they did in the days of Margaret Thatcher and the Saatchi brothers. Indeed, if Krow had helped to successfully propel Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, it might have turned into a mixed blessing.

Appointed by the Labour Party when a snap election seemed unlikely, Krow had to get its skates on when Theresa May opted to call one and bury Corbyn for good. He, of course, came close to pulling off one of the biggest political upsets ever, and Krow can take some credit for its work on the party’s strategy and helping it settle on the "For the many, not the few" line that resonated well with disenchanted voters. One might argue that glorious failure was the best outcome for Britain’s second-biggest independent shop, having raised its profile without unsettling business prospects less than ecstatic about a possible Corbyn administration.

Elsewhere, the agency continued to show the kind of stability that has eluded May. The year began with an appointment by the RNLI to cut the number of water-related deaths and ended with the capture of the £5m-plus Sky Vegas online casino business.

In between, the agency reinforced its relationship with Ferrero by being awarded Tic Tac, Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Collection.

Meanwhile, it enhanced its reputation for delivering memorable creativity. Its DFS campaign featuring Aardman-animated characters topped Campaign’s 2017 Adwatch table for recall and likeability, being ranked head-and-shoulders above all its rivals. This is likely to cut more ice with would-be clients than any cheerleading for Corbyn.




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Agency's year in a tweet

An extraordinary ride from "Oh! Jeremy Corbyn" to saving lives with RNLI. Winning clients along the way, we’re more than strong and stable

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*indicates where agencies claim the corporate governance constraints of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation