Schools inspire Shellys ads

Mustoe Merriman Herring Levy has unveiled a new Christmas campaign for Shellys Shoes that uses shoes as characters in the story of the birth of Jesus.

The three executions take the theme of a nativity play. One depicts three shoes in a line following a star, a scene meant to represent the Three Wise Men.

Another shows a white ladies’ shoe riding on the back of a furry donkey, which is being led by a brown man’s shoe, echoing Joseph leading Mary to Bethlehem.

Ideas for the posters were supplied by local schools, which the creative team toured to find children’s images of Christmas.

Damian Horner, business development director at Mustoe Merriman, said: 'Shellys likes doing conventional things unconventionally.'

The ads, which will be running in selected style press, on posters and also point of sale, follow the ‘shoe-icide’ campaign that ran in the summer.

They were written by Ben Jones, art directed by Rob Nielsen and photographed by Robert Steel.