Schweppes family deals with alien presence

Schweppes has launched a new spot in its tongue-in-check campaign focusing on the misadventures of a suburban middle-class family.

The family calmly deals with the chaos surrounding them while they help themselves to a drink of Schweppes.

The new spot by Mother shows a mother coming home from work to find her son being wheeled out of the house in an incubation unit, surrounded by forensic officers in protective suits.

The husband, in his 40s, explains to his wife as he pours her a glass of Schweppes, that the rock the son found has hatched into an alien.

The strapline reads: "At the end of the day, there’s always a Schweppes."

The production company was Traktor and David Stewart produced the ad. Vizeum handled the media planning and buying. 

Shelley Norris, marketing manager for Sprite, Schweppes and Dr Pepper explained: "This new ad continues to inject a modern twist into the distinctly British heritage of Schweppes.

"I’m sure it will amuse viewers, proving the Britishness of a ‘Keep calm and carry on’ mentality towards exaggerated daily occurrences. It reminds viewers that regardless of their day, they can always relax with a Schweppes as their first drink of the evening, making the end of a hard day that little bit easier."