Score buys pounds 1.6m Maurice Stam

Score Radio Holdings has added Liverpool-based Maurice Stam to its rapidly expanding list of outdoor acquisitions.

Score Radio Holdings has added Liverpool-based Maurice Stam to its

rapidly expanding list of outdoor acquisitions.

SRH, which operates as Score Outdoor in the poster arena, paid pounds

1.6 million for the company, a purchase that included picking up the

company’s debt.

Maurice Stam, Score’s sixth acquisition in less than a year, operates

around 200 48-sheet panels in Liverpool. It will give Score a 21 per

cent share of the area’s market, and will be incorporated into its

North-west office, which itself grew out of last year’s acquisition of

Signways in Manchester.

’This puts us in a strong position in the North-west,’ said Chris

Trainer, chief executive of Score Outdoor. ’Liverpool is a tough city in

which to get a foothold. Historically it has been very difficult to get

planning permission for poster sites. However, Maurice Stam has been

very innovative in creating sites that achieve planning approval.’

Stam’s sites include a line of railway carriages next to a road which

doubles as a 48-sheet site, and a ship’s mast-like structure with

48-sheets for sails.

Stam commissioned the mast as a poster site near the quayside.

Stam himself will stay with the company, joining the development team of

Score North-west and reporting to regional managing director Alan

Stephenson, who moved to the company from Mills & Allen earlier this


’Most of the managers of the businesses we’ve bought have chosen to stay

on,’ said Trainer. ’They are not on an earn-out clause, they have chosen

to stay because they want to, which gives us a very strong management

team. There’s certainly no Chris Evans in the camp.’

The other companies acquired by SRH include Glasgow-based Trainer,

Bristol-based Parkin Advertising, Birmingham-based Vision and Grosvenor

Advertising, which operates in Southampton.

With all these companies pooled together, Score believes it has an

offering that will interest national advertisers. However, Trainer

insisted the company is not positioning itself as a national player.

’Obviously we now have a great national offering,’ he commented. ’But we

also make all our sheetage in any given area available to regional

advertisers. This makes us very attractive to people who want to

construct more carefully targeted campaigns rather than opting for a

scattergun approach. It has also made us appealing to people looking to

do test campaigns.’

Despite retaining this focus on the regions, Score has been beefing up

its national sales office in London. Bill Wilson, group sales director,

recently hired architectural services salesman Tom Rolf as a sales

manager, and radio researcher Jenny Dick as a sales researcher.