Scorsese directs Hitchcock-style ad for Freixenet

LONDON - Martin Scorsese has directed a Christmas TV and cinema ad for Freixenet that purports to be a reworking of a lost Alfred Hitchcock script.

Freinexet... Scorsese film
Freinexet... Scorsese film

A nine-minute long version of the film, called "The Key to Reserva", including a "making of" interview with Scorsese, is also available.

The spot, which is filmed with Hitchcock-style camera movements and colours, is set in New York's Carnegie Hall and features a man searching for a key that is eventually used to open a box containing a bottle of Freixenet Reserva.

The ad was created by JWT Spain and marks a departure from the brand, which in the past has used a host of Hollywood stars, including Paul Newman, Sharon Stone, Antonio Banderas and Demi Moore, in its pre-Christmas campaigns.