The Scotsman goes tabloid as Barclays take over Telegraph

The Scotsman, the newspaper owned by the Barclay brothers, is set to go compact.

The title, which began publishing its Saturday edition in compact form in March, is now expected to become compact on Monday to Friday, following a meeting between Scotsman Publications executives to ratify the decision.

The Scotsman's management, including its publisher, Andrew Neil, and chief executive, Steven Walker, are said to have been impressed with the impact made by the launch of the Saturday edition as a compact.

The Scotsman's June circulation was 60,285, down 2.4 per cent year on year. However, its Saturday edition is thought to have performed more strongly.

The Barclays have said in interviews that they can see the benefits of the compact format and Daily Telegraph directors will watch The Scotsman closely following the rubber-stamping of the Barclays' £665 takeover of the Telegraph Group last week.